Breakout-Go v1.0 released

1 minute read

Today I released version v1.0 of Breakout-Go. Breakout-GO is a Breakout clone for the ODROID-GO Game Kit written in C++. You can find the project and additional information on the project page on GitHub.

Installation and Getting Started

Project Structure

Breakout-GO is being developed in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 and the Arduino IDE. The project therefore has a project structure that allows you to use both IDEs in parallel:

Picture of an ODROID-GO showing text

The full source code for the game is located in /Breakout-Go - which is the project folder for the Arduino IDE. A Visual Studio 2019 Solution file is located at /Breakout.sln. Opening that file in Visual Studio will open a Solution with two projects: /Breakout-Win is just an empty project - you can ignore it. /Breakout-Win-Test is the Unit Test project used to write, test and debug most of the code. It imports most of the C++ source files from /Breakout-Go.

This setup has several advantages over the exclusive use of the Arduino IDE:

  • The source code can be checked automatically via unit tests.
  • The unit tests can also be executed in the debugger. Critical parts of the code can thus be very easily examined at different input values.
  • Visual Studio is just the better editor for experienced developers.

Compiling and Deploying to the ODROID-GO

  • Follow the steps decribed in the ODROID Wiki to set up the development environment
  • Get a copy of the source code by running git clone
  • Connect your ODROID-GO via USB
  • Start your Arduino IDE and open /Breakout-Go/Breakout-Go.ino
  • Click “Upload” to compile the source code and upload the game